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Our Story

How did we get started?

Throughout my career, I mentored many motivated young people entering the workforce looking to make an impact on the world. Time and again, I witnessed the education systems failing to teach them important life skills — many unprepared for managing their finances in real life.  
I wanted to help these young people achieve their full potential by offering my decades’ worth of knowledge and experience. That’s when my then-10-year-old daughter gave me the idea for Explorer Hop.
In 2017, I left the corporate world to start running money programs for kids, and in 2019 we opened our first centre. Today, over 400 kids have been through our financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and STEM programs!

About me, the Founder and CEO

My life of finance started when I was a 12-year-old going to the bank to pay family bills and deposit cheques (before the advent of online banking, of course!). Having this responsibility early on jump-started my life-long involvement in finance and economics. 
I first studied the latter at the University of Rochester and UC Berkeley, then did my Masters of International Economics in Switzerland. Through my professional career, I worked as a Special Consultant on Trade and Finance for the UN, managed multi-million dollar projects for the Federal and Ontario Government, led global teams in Banking, and became the youngest IT director of a major Canadian insurance company. 
During this time, I also started a family, travelled, and became an advocate for education as well. Though I’ve since left the corporate world behind, I’m merging my passion for finance and innovation to teach kids early financial literacy and entrepreneurship with the hope of creating the change makers of tomorrow.
The Financial Guru

With 20+ years’ experience in global finance roles, I have extensive expertise in money management and understanding financial markets, which I apply to the programs I create and teach at Explorer Hop.

Global Citizen

Having lived in 10 countries and travelled to 45 (and counting!), I believe the next generation of leaders need to be equipped with a global understanding, especially in such a diverse city as Toronto.

The Education Advocate

I champion the empowerment of youth and women — a passion I apply to Explorer Hop. Every program is designed to engage kids to participate and innovate.

The Mom

I am a mom of two kids and this life experience has shown me why it is so fundamentally important to empower this amazing new generation with real-life, practical and creative skills they need to skills.

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