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Young Investors - Shanna Margolis


Shanna Margolis (Age 12)

Shanna is an incredibly savvy young lady.  It was a real pleasure having her in our Camp Millionaire Levels 1-4 over summer.  Her entrepreneurship skills also came to light when she and her team raised enough funds in the Teen Entrepreneur program to feed 1425 kids in Yemen!  She is witty and a fabulous team player! 

How did you hear about the Investment Competition? 

I heard about the challenge in a newsletter email to my parents.

How much investing experience do you have?
I took Camp Millionaire levels 1-4 over the summer, but I haven’t had any other experience with investing. 

What are you hoping to get from participating in the competition?
I am hoping to practice buying and selling stocks, so that when I invest real money, I will have more experience. I’m also hoping to understand more about investing for a long term.

What would you say to inspire other kids to learn about investing?
Practice makes perfect! When I started learning about investing in the summer, I was worried I would not be good, because I had not had any other experience. I soon learned that with practice, I saw trends in stocks that helped me become a better investor. 

What hobbies or interests do you have?

My favourite school subjects are math and science. I enjoy computer coding, eating! And spending time outdoors with my family as well.

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