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Young Investors- Rohaan Vasa


Rohaan Vasa (Age 15)

A highly disciplined investor, who is meticulous in his investment research.  He is from Toronto and is a squadron member with the Air Cadets.  He is also on his school competitive robotics team. Rohaan loves sports and is working on getting his pilot license soon.   He hopes to go to the Royal Military College to study Aeronautical Engineering and further his passion of being a pilot.  

How did you hear about the Investment Competition? 

I have been at Explorer Hop for the past 2 years, since grade 8 when I did the Camp Millionaire Level 1 course. After this, I took a break to focus on the cadets but missed trading (actually I missed learning with Hasina who makes it so much fun!) so I returned for Camp Millionaire Levels 2 & 3 and I am currently working on Camp Millionaire Level 4 and hope to join Explorer Hop's Competitive Investing Team.  I heard about the Challenge in my class. 

How much investing experience do you have?
About 4 months I would say

What are you hoping to get from participating in the competition?
My goal is to have a 20k USD portfolio by the end of grade 12 and I am using this as a mock to see how I handle a larger sum of money.

What would you say to inspire other kids to learn about investing?
Start researching companies that you like and products they use. By the time you graduate, you will have a portfolio of your own and you can use that as a way to earn money in the future.

How did you get interested in investing?
During the pandemic I was inspired by my mothers excitement for managing our family portfolio. Watching her research and learn about companies and how they plan their future growth. I started asking more questions and very soon I started understanding the technical analysis of how the stock market works.
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