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Young Investors- Mylo Yamashita

Mylo Yamashita (Age 12)

Mylo is a very talented young person from London, ON.  She has completed Levels 1-4 of Camp Millionaire and is currently in Level 5. A savvy investor, she also helps her mum with her investments. In her free time, she is authoring a cookbook with heirloom recipes and hopes to have that published on Amazon soon. 

How did you hear about the Investment Competition?

I heard about the challenge through Explorer Hop's Investor club.

How much investing experience do you have?
I took my first investment course with Hasina in spring 2020 and I have now completed Camp Millionaire levels 1-4.

What are you hoping to get from participating in the competition?
I am hoping to get a little better at investing so I am ready to invest real money.
What would you say to inspire other kids to learn about investing?
I have found investing to be super interesting and once you figure out what everything is, it becomes super simple and fun. 
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