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Young Investors- Bay Shen

Bay Shen (Age 15)

Bay has been a student at Explorer Hop for a while and is known for his excellent sense of humour.  A solid investor, he studies the market and follows news very closely. This week (Jan 11-15) he was very strategic with his trading and timed the market incredibly. In the end, his portfolio outperformed the stock market many times over. 

How did you hear about the Investment Competition?

I found out about the competition through the Young Investors Club, which I joined after completing Levels 1-4 of Camp Millionaire. We are encouraged a lot in the Investor's Club to try to invest in different things so I thought I should try this challenge as I can test my new strategies.

How much investing experience do you have?

Technically, I started way back in around 2016 with a simulator, but I didn't really know what I was doing. I started learning when I took Explorer Hop's program in my school. That's when I started understanding about stocks. After this I started trading with real money in September of 2020 when my mom opened a TFSA. I'm practicing my techniques in the challenge before I try it with real money. 

What are you hoping to get from participating in the competition?
The main thing I want is to learn is how to control myself since I was a pretty emotional trader. Trading virtually helps me figure out what to do with my real portfolio, which is where the money really counts. During the course of a month, I basically lost all of my gains due to a series of bad trades, but I'm determined to make things work better in the future and am trying different strategies. I would also like to win the 500 dollar amazon gift card of course! 
What would you say to inspire other kids to learn about investing?

Financial literacy is one of the most important competencies that many schools fail to teach in their basic curriculum. I think that it's very important for kids to start learning about investing at a young age to make them more prepared for the crazy world that we'll grow up into. Learning about these things now will definitely give you a leg up when you eventually become an adult and enter the workforce or decide to start your own business, etc.
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