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Young Investors- Annora Wu

Annora Wu (Age 13)

A savvy young investor and entrepreneur from Vancouver.  Over the past few months, she had made some pretty smart investments and through the Entrepreneurship program has launched 2 businesses that have raised money for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).  Her innovative work with her team, has helped CMHA fund their mobile mental health units that provide on-site critical mental health care.  

How did you hear about the Investment Competition?

I finished Levels 1-4 of Camp Millionaire and joined Explorer Hop's Young Investor's Club (a club where young investors come together and meet once a month). That's where I heard about the competition.

How much investing experience do you have?

I started my personal investing 10 months ago in May 2020. The first two stocks I bought were Air Canada and Tesla. The Tesla stock price was 980 USD before the split. Now, my stock investment total worth is 12,000 USD. The total profit was 7,000 USD in 8 months.

What are you hoping to get from participating in the competition?

I would like to meet young investors who are passionate about investing, like me, to share thoughts and information about the companies worldwide. I'm also hoping to get more involved with stocks throughout and after these three months. Specifically, I am hoping to have a lot more active discussion on Discord. 

What would you say to inspire other kids to learn about investing?

I started to follow several companies' daily news feeds before I invested in their stocks, by following and analyzing their daily news I was able to get a really good sense of their fundamentals. It is a great way to understand the real financial world, and it'll impact your future.  I learned so much from the Camp Millionaire classes that it's really easy to understand this information now. 

How did you get interested in investing?

I was always interested in stocks seeing my mother investing.  It's interesting to see the stock prices changing every second and understand there's a reason behind every movement. It's also very interesting to follow and grow my assets along with the companies based on their news and performance.
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